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High Volume Data

Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.



We deliver data from virtually all consumer verticals in US, CA and UK. We deliver fresh leads every day as well as aged data. The data is direct from the publishers of leading websites. 100% TCPA compliant. Most verticals 25,000+ daily volume.

We deliver raw data. Untested, unverified aside from ping/ bounce testing, but extremely high and consistent volume.

The data is direct from the publishers of leading websites. They can only handle so much with their inhouse call centers and let us monetize the rest. As they make their money buy selling directly to consumers they consider their institutional lead business a supplemental income. Good for you as you can get data for truly wholesale prices.



Consumer opts in on landing page and we get the data first. On real time leads and fresh leads the buyer will have exclusive dialing for 7 days after which it is sold 1 time. For 7-30 day data it maintains 2nd position and then sold one more time. Data after 30 days is in 3 rd position.



MCA Merchant Cash Advance, US Payday long & short forms, UK Payday long & short forms, Canada Payday long & short forms, Credit card "charge off" debt collections, IRS debt collections, IRS debt settlement, Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Education Leads, Auto Insurance/Finance, Tri-care full forms, Student Loan Debt Leads, Mortgage Refi, Reverse Mortgage, Loan Modification, Home improvement long forms, Social Security Disabilty leads, US, UK, and Canada solar leads, Tech Spport with specific tech support request, Private Health Insurance, Medicare, Mass Tort, UK RTA, UK Loan Debt, UK PI, UK Investments, Home Security, Home Ins, Auto Warranty, Direct TV, Senior Citizens, IVA, SSDI, Medicare Supplemental, PPO, CGX, PGX, BRACES



We do not provide free samples. Minimum order as shown under "Pricing". Payment by wire transfer. Delivery is after payment received, usually within 2 working days. Delivery is generally in an Excel file.


The performance of web form submits is mainly determined by how you schedule your calls. If you try to reach consumers during business hours you are going to run into trouble: most people are working and they are usually not taking personal calls when the boss is watching.

When you want to speak with consumers you should schedule your calls between 5 PM and 9 PM. That's when most people are at home and they at least have a chance to take your call.

We over deliver to make up for any records that might contain errors. Remember these are web form submits and we do not call the people to verify the data.



Pricing depends on age the of the data, the volume and restrictions or selects.

10 - 55 minutes real time leads, minimum order 5,000 leads
0-24 hours fresh, minimum order 5,000 leads
0-30 days, minimum order 10,000 leads
0-60 days, minimum order 15,000 leads
0-90 days, minimum order 30,000 leads
Bulk Data 0-12 months available as well.

Please send an email with vintage (age of leads), volume and your budget please.
Available volume:
Most verticals over 25,000 leads per day



We bounce/ ping test all phone numbers prior to sending your file to verify connectivity. For real time data our connectivity is north of 90%, for fresh data north of 85%.

We will replace all disconnects, DNCs or patently erroneous information within 12 hrs. Only after receiving a VAILD SYSTEM GENERATED PREDICTIVE DISPOSITION report, after file is fully completed. Our compliance dept will review the report. Spreadsheets etc, are unacceptable for validation. Our data is best monetized being uploaded into a predictive dialer. We do not replace answer machines nor auto dialer hang ups. Once data is delivered we do NOT offer any money refund.


We get our data from very large publishers. They sell a part of their fresh data to us because it allows them to let their advertising run full blast all day and night. Some would not mind to be listed here but some don't like. So we don't list our publishers here publicly but are happy to send you headers and source URLs on request.

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